Windsor War Bond Parade

As Carley and I started our research for our last blog post we had trouble finding our next topic. We decided instead of using online sources that we would go to the archives and try to find first hand sources. Looking through many old Loomis yearbooks and different type of sources we came across the 1942 to 1943 and the 1943 to 1994 Loomis logs. As we read carefully through those two log books we found two articles and many different advertisements about Loomis helping the community sell war bonds and showing that Loomis is part of the Windsor community to. Fighting in a war is very expensive for a country especially fighting in a world war. The United States of America spent $300 billion fighting enemy forces in World War II. The government can’t just fund all that money so they created war bonds. War Bonds were for ordinary American citizens like Loomis teachers or maybe even students. The whole idea of it was you could purchase a war bond for a certain amount of money and then in ten years the government would pay back more then what you originally bought the bond for. It was not just an investment for your own benefit but for your country to. America took that idea and advertised it all over the country including Loomis and Windsor.

The first article we came found was titled “Loomis Boys In Bond Parade; Military Makes Good Showing”. In this article it talks about how on September 18 Windsor would always have their War Bond drive parade during the war. For their thir

IMG_2512 (1)

Article from the Loomis Log of 1942

d annual War Bond parade the town of Windsor decided to invite Loomis to march in their parade. Loomis sent 40 boys dressed up in M.D’s olive green puttees. The parade started on Maple Avenue and went all the way to Broad Street. The crowd loved the Loomis boys as the article states “Windsor was a riot of color and sound as we marched in”. This shows how much how Loomis was loved by the community. This brings us to the second article we found titled “Windsor Bond Drive Success; Loomis Displays Army Unit”. In this article it really broke down the preparation the Loomis boys took before marching in the parade. The town of Windsor gave them a very short notice about wanting them in the parade so they only had two days of training. Most of the Loomis boys from the 40 man unit either were very rusty or had never done drilling maneuvers before. But that did not stop them from doing a great job in the parade and even getting a compliment from a solider saying “keep up the good work, men, you look fine.” The parade was a very patriotic event; even Kate Smith was there singing the National Anthem. After that their were many speeches from the mayor various speakers. Most of advertisements we found in the logs were about buying bonds but one advertisement even though it was


Advertisement from Loomis Log of 1943

not about War Bonds or even World War II it still displayed a strong message of a tight community with Loomis and Windsor has. This advertisement was about how Windsor needs a newspaper and on it has “Loomis is a part of The Community of Windsor,” this confirms the importance and acceptance of Loomis to Windsor Connecticut.





Loomis Log 1942 to 1943

Loomis Log 1943 to 1944